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Flare Copter

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Hours of Nighttime LED entertainment 


WE'VE HELPED HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE MAKE MONEY SELLING THE HIGHEST QUALITY BRAND IN THE WORLD, THE ORIGINAL FLARE COPTER.  We have now hit a new record in Vendor Distribution, Quality and Customer Service.  We can now lower our prices and provide the Highest quality and best led copter on the market for a lower price than our competitors, wholesale and retail.
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The Original Flare Copter has reached over 100 countries making it The Best LED Copter and Farthest Reaching Worldwide!led copter

The Original Flare Copter®
The LED Slingshot Helicopter™

You will find the Highest Quality LED Slingshot Helicopter Available, We Guarantee it!  Our Original Flare Copter is regarded by most to be the Best LED copter on the market.  Our competitors often follow our lead in the industry. Unfortunately with cheap versions we see the toy break after hitting the ground or even when the wing slightly touches the launcher handle when launching!  The Flare Copter solves this problem with it’s unique material design.  We use the highest grade Eco Friendly plastic in our Led copter wing design.  The Original Flare Copter's "MO" has always been to provide the highest quality and Best Led Copter on the market.

Flare Copters are Made of the Highest Grade Materials and can reach heights of over 150ft.  We pride ourselves on staying at the Edge of Evolution for the Best LED Slingshot Copter.  We are often told by any that we have the Highest Flying Toy of led copters.  We have Vendors in over 30 States and counting.  You can be a Vendor of the best led copter today - CLICK HERE.

Check out Flare Copter’s New Wing Designs that produce an unmatched Glow in the Night Sky!  No Other LED Copter is Brighter in the Sky!

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You can Sell Our Original Flare Copters! Would you like to make extra cash Selling the Hottest Nighttime Toy to Date! We have many Customers enjoying a few extra hundred dollars per night by just Launching The Original Flare Copter in the sky around people.  By the Beach, at a Festival or Any Nighttime Event, Flare Copter can make you that little extra cash to have some fun!  Make NO mistake folks The Original Flare Copter is the 1st Brand that made the LED Slingshot Helicopter a HIGH QUALITY TOY customers can have hours of fun with.  The Original Flare Copter is the Best LED Copter by all reviews!

The Original Flare Copter was the FIRST to:

1. Add a Special Material Wing that Wont Break and creates the Highest Launches and Longest Float Times
2. Added a Brighter LED and Higher Quality Batteries than other brands
3. Added Fun, Original Flare Copter Wing Designs that companies like to imitate or copy!!!
4. Pioneered the changing of Folding Lines for longer Float Times, having a straight fold at the top to help slow the spin and hover longer.

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