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Highest Quality for the Lowest Price!


The Original Flare Copter®
The LED Slingshot Helicopter™

You will find the Highest Quality LED Slingshot Helicopter Available, We Guarantee it! You might have seen Knock off brands out there but, don’t be fooled into saving a dollar only to have your copter break on the first launch.  After all, you are launching a plastic toy over 100′ into the night sky!  With cheap versions we see the toy break after hitting the ground or even when the wing slightly touches the launcher handle when launching!  The Flare Copter solves this problem with it’s unique material design.

Flare Copters are Made of the Highest Grade Materials and can reach heights of over 150ft.  We pride ourselves on staying at the Edge of Evolution for the LED Slingshot Helicopter.

Check out Flare Copter’s New Wing Designs that produce an unmatched Glow in the Night Sky!  No Other LED Copter is Brighter in the Sky!

If you have a Gift Shop or Would like to Sell Flare Copters in your store we have a P.O.S. Display Box with UPC Code!
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During the Nights, Wherever there’s People, Flare Copters Sell!

You can Sell Flare Copters! Want to make extra cash Selling the Hottest Nighttime Toy to Date! We have many Customers enjoying a few extra hundred dollars per night by just Launching Flare Copter in the sky around people.  By the Beach, at a Festival or Any Nighttime Event, Flare Copter can make you that little extra cash to have some fun!


The Scoop on Flash Copter

Recently we were contacted by a Private Investigator from Florida.  The Original Flare Copter was the first made Highest Quality LED Slingshot Helicopter that wouldn't break when launched or when hitting the ground as most of the knock off cheap versions out there. Due to Flare Copter's design and using the Highest Quality parts available it's 2015 models are Light Years ahead of the competition! Since Flare Copter Launched in 2011 we have spawned many brands that have tried to copy our quality. A Former customer of Flare Copter, Orson Mozes aka "Jack", branched off and created his own brand, Flash Copter, in Florida. Yes, his real name is Orson Mozes, click here, and when we were contacted by a private investigator he told us that he's got an interesting past in "business".  When "Jack" started Flash Copter the company infringed upon everything good about Flare Copter including instructions, wing folding and the "copy" from our website, we have the proof. Ignoring a Cease and Desist Order he continued to use our copyrighted information and design.  Don't be fooled by a Copy like Flash Copter. 
Flare Copter Pioneered the Ultra-durable Wing and long lasting product that provides hours of nighttime fun for All Ages!
We just want our customers to know that Flare Copter is in NO WAY connected to Mr. Orson Mozes and we continue to supply the Highest Quality Product for the Best Price, Retail and Wholesale!

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