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Flare Copters Wholesale

Welcome to Flare Copter Wholesale where you'll find the Highest Quality LED Slingshot Helicopter Available, We Guarantee it!   After all, you are launching a plastic toy over 100′ into the night sky!  With cheap versions of The Original Flare Copters, the ones with a larger, bulky tip, we see the toy break after hitting the ground or even when the wing slightly touches the launcher handle when launching!  The Flare Copter solves this problem with top grade plastic and it’s unique material led copter wing design.

Flare Copters are Made of the Highest Grade Materials and can reach heights of over 150ft.  We pride ourselves on staying at the Edge of Evolution for the LED Slingshot Helicopter.

Check out Flare Copter’s New Wing Designs that produce an unmatched Glow in the Night Sky!  No Other LED Copter is Brighter in the Sky!  The Original Flare Copter is, hands down, THE BEST LED COPTER sold around the world.

We make and sell the Best Reviewed LED Original Flare Copter.
Best LED Copter!